We rode on the trolley today and got off at certain areas.  The trolley is a "hop on hop off" one.  We toured Stanley Park most of the day.  We got off at the one of the stops and started walking on the seawall surrounding the park.  We intended to get on back on again at "the point" about a mile and half away.  When we got there, there was a huge rocky cliff and we couldn't climb up it nor was there a stair so we kept on walking hoping there would be a break in the cliff to get back to the road.  Well there wasn't so we finally ended up walking five miles before we could get to a trolley stop again.  Fortunately it was a beautiful day.  Sunny, temperature in the mid 70's and a nice ocean breeze with a beautiful scenery.
We then got off the trolley near Granville Island and took a cute aquabus to the island.  We went to the market there and had lunch.
We went back again on the trolley just in time to catch the last one of the day.
Vancouver is a busy and beautiful city full of tourists.  We are not going to be sorry to leave the hectic crowded city.
Our accomodations were great.  We didn't need our car for two days.
Jan and Don

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