We started the day out with a breakfast of a Dutch pancake.  If you don't know what that is, it is a very thin pancake which covers a dinner plate and has various toppings on it.  The Best Western is owned by dutch people and they had a dutch restaurant next door.  According to the yellow pages, there was a Vanden Bosch Pasterie Belgie Bakery.  When we arrived at the address, it
wasn't there.
We had reserved a hotel in downtown Vancouver with parking underneath the hotel on first come first basis so we went there next with hope of parking there while  we explored Vancouver.  So now our car will be there for two days.
Yesterday we bought a day pass on all public transportation for a day and trolley tickets for two days.  We first went on the sky train.  We stayed on it to the end and came back.  It lasted two hours.  The train is driven by computers only. 
We then went on the seabus to North Vancouver and back.  Very efficient.  It will unload and then load about 300 plus passengers in about five minutes.  One will leave the dock every 15 minutes.  We then went on the two trolley routes for about three hours.  We also went on the city bus for a while.
Vancouver is a city of apartments as you can according to the pictures.  Vancouver has mountains to one side, ocean to another and rich farmland in another direction.  They didn't want to use up farmland for dwellings so they are going up for living spaces.
We walked quite a bit too.  We are tired and looking forward to going to bed.
Jan and Don
8/12/2010 01:25:51 pm

Please post the high and low temperature occasionally. It was 90 here.

8/12/2010 02:01:14 pm

Today the high was 23C, 73F and the low is expected to be 16C, 61F.

8/12/2010 08:34:38 pm

What a great vacation, beautiful scenery. And you're making very nice pictures! Did you like the dutch pancakes? And perhaps a bit of dutch talking?

Jan Fischer
8/13/2010 09:32:27 am

How beautiful! We would like to join you today, since it is 103 actual degrees today with a high predicted of 105! YIKES! Everyone is hiding inside in the air-conditioning. Have a great time! (Andrew and Sara got home safely and loved every minute! They are ready to go back, anytime.

8/13/2010 09:34:01 am

Hi Janneke, The pancakes were great! Mine had two eggs and two tomato slices on it, and Jan's had four squares of Edam Cheese and two tomato slices. I had some of hers and liked it better!

8/13/2010 09:36:11 am

Hi Jan,

We just got back to our motel minutes ago. We must have walked more than 5 miles today and we are bushed! Time to rest and then look for something to eat.

8/26/2010 01:21:15 pm

Nice pics. Thanks for posting your adventures. However, what is up with you people and the air temperature readings? Are you guys filling out spreadsheets for fun in your retirements? I thought crossword puzzles were reserved for that!


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