We arrived in South Lake Tahoe late this afternoon.  It is very cold here.  I think it will freeze tonight.
Since the last writing of the blog, we have taken a tour of the Boeing Airplane factory with Kyler and Marie.
We along with Curt and EunJu and family left early Saturday morning on our trip towards Yosemite.  We saw a segment on the food channel about a "funky" donut  shop in Portland, Oregon which would be near the freeway we were traveling on so we had to stop and take a look.  As you can see it is a very popular place.  It is called Voodoo Donuts.  Their specialty is making a fried pastry made like a voodoo doll.  It is filled with raspberry jelly (looks like blood), frosted with chocolate icing, decorated like a voodoo doll and a pretzel stick stuck in the body.  They also have numerous toppings for donuts. eg: fruit loops, maple glaze with fried bacon.  Chalk it up for an experience. 
We arrived in Crescent City, California late afternoon after traveling about 500 miles.  We are traveling in two cars because for Curt to rent a car back would cost more than spending gas for his car the whole trip.  It turned out to be a good idea because the luggage would not have left much room for all of us.
The next day was spent viewing sea and trees.  The ocean views along the Hwy 101 were fantastic and the Redwood trees in Redwood National Park were unbelievable.  They were huge!  They grow only this way in this part in the world.  We had to drive through one of course.  We are having a fantastic time with the kids and we are seeing some outstanding scenery.
Jan and Don

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