We arrived in Maple Valley, Washington about 5pm yesterday.  The trip on the ferry was very nice. The temperature was 95 degrees
and today it started out raining and it did not get above 72.  Late afternoon the sun came out and it cleared up nice so we could see the mountain (Mt. Rainier) The photo was taken from Curt's front door.  The mountain is about 60 miles away!
We are having fun getting to know our grand kids again.  Playing lots of games.
8/21/2010 01:19:29 am

Hi,It looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful trip. Hi to Curt and family. Now are you on the way to Calif? We are going to Stowe Mountain VT in Sept. Lolly

8/25/2010 01:21:39 am

We will be traveling south on Saurday, Aug 28.
I'm glad you were able to decide on a destination!


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