We had no internet nor phone coverage the last two days near Yosemite.  Very frustrating.
Tuesday, August 31 we traveled from Lake Tahoe to Yosemite.  It did freeze during the night.  It was a very pleasant 150+ miles.  Near the Tioga Entrance of Yosemite we came across Mono Lake.  It looked very nice from afar but when we got to the entrance of the beach area things looked really wierd.  It is very salty.  Twice as salty as the ocean and very alkaline.  The strange tufa towers are the result from calcium rich spring water bubbling up from the alkaline lake water.  It smelled terrible. 
As soon as we turned onto Hwy 120 going into the park the huge bare granite mountains appeared.  The temperature was in the 90's.
The scenery on the Tioga Road (Hwy 120) was very beautiful.
Cedar Lodge is a very nice place to stay but it takes about an hour to get to Yosemite Valley from there.  The road is very curvy and slow to travel on.  There is no place to eat around there other than the motel restaurant.  A BLT is over $12.  We needed some groceries and decided to eat in the next town which was 12 miles away but it took 45 minutes to get there because of the curvy road.  A tip:  stay in Yosemite Lodge which is across from the food court with reasonable prices and across the street from the shuttle bus.  It is worth the extra charge.  We spent about four hours on the road going back and forth for two days.
Wednesday, September 1 we hiked, walked, drove, rode the shuttle bus in Yosemite Valley.  Gorgeous however the trees are getting very tall and obstruct the view.  Yosemite falls were dry.  Both upper and lower.  A tip:  come earlier in the summer.
The weather was hot and sunny.
Thursday, September 2 we had to say goodbye to Curt and family.  We had breakfast together at Yosemite Lodge food court and then parted.  They to San Francisco and we went to Glacier Point and south. 
Glacier Point is breathtaking.  We were about 9000 feet high.  You can see the valley below and the mountains in front of you.
We decided not to go to Sequoia National Park.  The curvy roads were getting to us.  Very tiresome.  We saw the Sequoias is in Yosemite Park so that was enough. 
We finally came to a freeway highway near Fresno and could travel at speeds of 70MPH.  We hadn't gone that fast for a long time.  The temperature reached 105 degrees today so we thought we would travel as far as we could before dark so we could cross the Mojave Dessert in the morning because of the heat.  We made it to Barstow, CA.  It is about 160 miles from Las Vegas and 60 miles from the dessert.  It is still 94 at 9pm.
Jan and Don

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